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Cory Deffenbaugh
Oct 07, 2017
I love you so much nanny! It's so hard Knowing you are no longer here but at the same time brings us all peace knowing you are with Papa again! We know he missed you something awful just as you have missed him! I am so glad my kids got to meet you! I look forward to the day I get to see you and Papa again! I cannot wait to go fishing with Papa and have him show me some more magic tricks and I cannot wait to make homemade noodles with you and to help you in the most beautiful gardens imaginable! You will never understand how grateful I am to you and Papa for everything you have done for me! For taking me in and loving me from day one and for being the best grandparents anyone could have ever ...imagined! I hold the memories of the Christmases with all the amazing food, the big tree, the bells and just all the amazing family time we shared together at the house in Claremore! I will never forget running around that big backyard and playing and helping you pick apples and pears from the big trees out back, as well as coming inside and always wanting you to show us how to play the piano! You are the best nanny anyone could have ever been blessed with having and if people were lucky enough to know you then they were also truly blessed in life getting to know the person with the biggest heart of gold imaginable! The world lost one of the most beautiful, strongest and by far most amazing women to have ever walked this earth and at that same moment heaven gained the most beautiful angel ever! I will miss you every second of everyday just as I do Papa but I will also remember and most importantly tell stories of you to my children all the time just like I do Papa so they will always know the amazing great grandparents they had and where they came from. You may not be with us physically anymore on this earth but you are here just as much now in our hearts as you have ever been and you will continue to be here through your great grandkids and great great grandkids etc for the rest of time. This world will always remember Janice Deffenbaugh and it may not ever be the same without you here but I promise you the impact you have made in the time you spent here will last forever and the world will never forget that! I also want to thank you and Papa for giving me the best gift imaginable in my dad. You did an amazing job with all of your children and grandchildren but I especially thank you for raising such an amazing man, son, brother, uncle, husband and most importantly father! You blessed the earth with one of the most amazing men possible! Thank you for everything nanny! I will miss you and I love you so much but this isn't a goodbye at all, it's a I'll see you again. I love you nanny, rest easy.Read more

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